Pigtail Brands

Charleston, SC

Pigtail Brands' flagship product, Big Ed’s Heirloom Barbecue Sauce, is a 30+ year family recipe out of Charleston, SC. The tangy vinegar-based sauce was for many years a favorite at local gatherings, with family and friends constantly asking why this delicious heirloom recipe wasn't sold by the bottle. We sure are glad Matthew Dukes Hanna, “The Sauce Boss,” finally did just that. Its history is as robust as its flavor: starting in 1980 the sauce & marinade was produced in small, specialty batches at Big Ed's Barbecue Restaurant & Pigtail Hunt Camp deep in the heart of the SC Lowcountry, where folks would eat it up after days of hunting and family fun.

Big Ed's BBQ Sauce | Local Market South
three 12oz bottles
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