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Pepper Sauce

Lauri Jo, like most Southerners, can’t eat greens without hot vinegar. And once you’ve tried her Pepper Sauce, you won’t be able to do without, either. She blends a special recipe of peppers and vinegar that’s a can’t-miss topping for black eyed peas, greens, barbecue, and anything else you’d like to have extra oomph (most everything, then).

four 3 oz. bottles

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Lauri Jo's Southern Style Canning
Norman Park, GA

Lauri Jo’s Southern Style Canning began as a much-loved hobby and blossomed into a family business with deep roots. The recipes are all in the family—from Lauri Jo’s and her husband’s to those that came down from her great-grandmother. Pepper jellies to dilly beans to pickled vegetables to salsas and sauces, everything’s made from local farmers’ bounty. Lauri Jo’s heirloom recipes and Southern charm, an undeniable combination.

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