Local Market South

It’s a beautiful thing, the handcrafted specialty foods being produced by Southerners today. And, as folks have done for centuries, the best way to share those foods, the history that inspires them, and the personalities that make them is to put all those products on one table for everyone to enjoy. Welcome to our table at Local Market South, where you’ll find a curated selection of foods being produced in the Southeast—here you’ll find not just amazing products, but also the stories of the people who make them, and the inspiration to make them your own.

Emily G's Jam of Love
Jam of Love

Emily G’s Jam of Love is small-batch, hand-poured goodness. Emily and Gina created Emily G’s as two moms passionate about good food, putting heart, soul, and love into everything they make. Their jams are naturally delicious because Emily G’s uses seasonal ingredients at the peak of ripeness. From sweet to savory to wine-flavored, each of Emily and Gina’s jams is a unique treat—so go ahead, spread some love today.

Slather Brand Slatherin' Sauce
Slather it on

Slather Brand’s Robin Rhea grew up eating foods that her family raised and grew in their South Carolina backyard. Her natural passion for wholesome foods led to a love of cooking, mastering down-home recipes passed down from generation to generation. Robin developed Slatherin’ Sauce™ as a product she’s proud to serve her own friends and family, now available for you and yours to enjoy—as they say, slather it on™!

High Road Craft Ice Cream & Sorbet
Yep, we sell ice cream

High Road Craft Ice Creams & Sorbets are the direct result of collaboration with some of Atlanta's finest restaurants. After diners experienced High Road on the menu, Chef Keith gave in to demands that it be made available by the pint. We're glad he did. You'll be glad, too.

Granola, jams, pickles, tea, nuts, bars, salsa

Barbecue sauce, marinades, dips

Salami, kielbasa, bratwurst, bacon, pancetta, cheese

Ice cream, chocolate, caramels, jelly candies, pound cake